Ultimate Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella

The Best Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella For Sun Protection

A heavy duty beach umbrella is the ideal way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun’s dangerous rays. We all know the importance of preventing skin damage when we go to the beach, yet too many of us rely on sunscreen or sunblock alone to keep us protected.

Beach Umbrella by BeachSails.com

Beach Sail

The shelter of a large beach umbrella will give you much better sun protection than sunscreen or a hat. The Beach Sails ultimate beach umbrella should be the first thing you pack for your trips to the shore. The unique “sailing” design of the Beach Sail creates up to 64 square feet of cool shade (102″ x 90″), which is enough for four people, your favorite beach gear, and even the dog! Unlike typical portable beach cabanas, the Beach Sail is a snap to set up, and unlike most beach umbrellas, it provides enough sun protection for your whole family. This windproof beach umbrella works under conditions that would send most beach umbrellas flying away. That is why the Beach Sail is the best beach umbrella for your beach shade needs. The customer beach umbrella reviews have all been good…

“The beach sail adds a whole new twist to going to the beach. It’s like a new fun toy to play with and it gives great shade too. My husband loves it!” Susan, Jupiter Beach

A Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella For Families

A top quality beach umbrella is the most important beach gear your family can have. It is known that sunburns suffered in childhood increase the risk of skin damage and even cancerous melanoma in adulthood. Children’s delicate skin is also more vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun’s rays, which is why it is extra important to give them enough sun shade for beach activities. A Beach Sail heavy duty beach umbrella will give your kids a safe shady spot where they can build sand castles, take naps, eat snacks, and relax in cool comfort. Portable beach umbrellas are especially great for families with babies, since you cannot even use sunscreen on infants under 6 months old. Of course, trips to the ocean are a wonderful part of childhood memories, and it is no fun to stay home all summer and hide in the house! Luckily, the Beach Sails ultimate beach umbrella will give your family a worry-free day at the shore. When you buy the best beach umbrella, you can take your children to the beach and have plenty of fun together, knowing that you are protecting their delicate skin for today and for their future.

An Easy to Use Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella

A great heavy duty beach umbrella should be as easy to use as it is strong. The cool thing about our wind resistant beach umbrella is that putting it up is a piece of cake. These beach umbrella videos show how Beach Sails can be set up and taken down in a couple minutes. While others are still looking for parts for their complicated beach cabanas, you will be kicking back in your beach chair under your Beach Sail beach umbrella. These portable beach umbrellas take advantage of the natural elements at the beach – the sand and the ocean breeze – to provide most of the support for the sail, which is why we can make a heavy duty beach umbrella that weighs only 5 pounds. It is so simple to set up that even your kids can do it, leaving you free to enjoy your day at the beach!

“My kids love it and they set it up. I don’t have to do anything.” Beth, Long Beach

A Durable Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella

A heavy duty beach umbrella should be built to last. The Beach Sail definitely looks great floating on the shore, but it also has the strength to back up its unique style. At BeachSails.com, we design our big beach umbrellas to withstand just about everything that nature can dish out. We create our wind resistant beach umbrella from 100% rip-stop nylon, just like you find in durable camping gear. Strong but lightweight white PVC poles are used for the vertical and horizontal crossbar supports, ensuring rust-free durability for years to come. Our ultimate beach umbrella does not have a flimsy pole that can bend or snap in the wind like many other beach umbrellas. Beach Sails are made in the USA, with American quality craftsmanship built into every one of them. We are so sure that the Beach Sail is the best beach umbrella that we back it with a one year quality guarantee. For beach umbrellas for sale go to BeachSails.com

Beach Sails portable beach shade come with everything you need: the sail with empty sand bags attached, poles, height adjuster, sand scoop, over the shoulder carry bag, instructions, 1 year warranty and free delivery. All you do is add the fun, and you’ll have the ultimate beach umbrella for your vacations!

The Most Unique Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella

The Beach Sail is a large beach umbrella and is a complete original. It was designed by Jupiter, Florida residents Rick and Kristy Kreiger, avid beach-goers who were frustrated by their search for the best beach umbrella. Standard beach umbrellas didn’t provide enough shade and they were easily turned inside out or blown away by the breeze. Beach cabanas and beach tents were just too heavy to carry and too cumbersome to set up – especially for a quick afternoon jaunt to the ocean. Finally, Rick and Kristy decided to design the ultimate beach umbrella themselves. They set out to make a wind resistant beach umbrella that was lightweight, easy to assemble, and fun to use. And the Beach Sail was born! If you are seeking a heavy duty beach umbrella, the Kreiger’s invite you to order a Beach Sail, and discover why their ultimate beach umbrella is the best beach umbrella you will ever own!

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