Compared to other Sail type Beach Umbrellas

Here is a comparison that shows the Beach Sail is superior to other “sail type” and “regular” beach umbrellas. The Beach Sail is better because it provides more shade (64 square feet), has a great sand anchor for the pole, includes a sand shovel for the sand bags, higher SPF 50 protection, 11 month longer warranty, easy to carry/set-up and it is made in America, see more below.

• The Beach Sail has been highly engineered for attractiveness, strength and durability.

• More shade, at 64 square feet, than any other

• Includes the best sand anchor available for the pole to keep it from falling down or blowing away, others don’t

• Includes a shovel so you don’t use your hands to fill the sand bags, others don’t

• Made with outdoor nylon fabric that will not mildew like polyester, others don’t

• Fabric has SPF 50 protection, others don’t

• Includes 12 month warranty, others are 30 days

• Plastic poles and connectors are made in America, others made in China

• Sewing fabric and assembly is performed in America, others made in China

• The TEE that joins the 2 horizontal poles and 1 vertical pole together are threaded in all 3 openings to ensure safety, others only screw the vertical pole

• Light weight at 5.5 LBS, others 7 LBS

• Easy over the shoulder hands-free carry bag

• Quick UPS ground delivery, 1 to 5 days, others 7 to 10 days

• All the above for $119.95, only $10 more than others at $90 + $20 shipping

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Parts included with the Beach Sail:
•  100% Nylon Rip Stop SPF 50 UV Protection fabric Sail with attached sand bags
•  2 vertical & 2 horizontal white decorative poles with 3-way threaded Tee connector
•  Beach umbrella pole “sand anchor” for ease of secure installation
•  Height adjustment from 3.5′ to 6.5′
•  Sand scoop for the sand bags
•  Over the shoulder hands free carry bag
•  Instructions
•  1 year warranty
•  Free UPS Ground delivery within the contiguous USA

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