Best Large Beach Umbrella

A Large Beach Umbrella Provides Great Sun Protection

A large beach umbrella is an essential part of your beach gear. Whether you are lucky enough to live right by the ocean or just like to pack up the family and head to the shore every summer, you should definitely get a beach canopy to protect everyone from the sun’s harmful rays.

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Beach Sail

A big beach umbrella creates a shady oasis where your family and friends can relax, safe from dangerous sun damage. The Beach Sail is an extra large beach umbrella that provides as much shade as many beach tents and beach cabanas. However, unlike the typical beach cabana, Beach Sails large beach umbrellas are very lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. See the Beach Sail in action here. Our big beach umbrellas provide enough shade for a family of four, plus all their beach gear, and even the dog. So grab your Beach Sail beach umbrella and head for the beach!

A Portable Large Beach Umbrella Creates Instant Shade

Large beach umbrellas that are easy to transport and set up have many advantages over less user-friendly beach tents or beach cabanas. We all have great intentions, but the reality is that a lot of us will skip bringing our beach umbrella to the ocean for a quick trip. It can be too much to deal with when you are already loaded down with a cooler, beach bag, beach chairs, sand toys, and the kids. Beach Sails were designed to be the best portable beach umbrellas because we understand that a sun shade for beach activities is only useful if it is actually used. Our extra large beach umbrella weighs only 5 pounds and rolls into its own handy over-the-shoulder carry bag. Everything you need to set up your giant beach umbrella fits right in the bag, leaving your hands free for carrying everything else. Best of all, a Beach Sail can be set up in a couple minutes, so it is perfect even when you only have an hour to spend at the ocean.

“This is the best. I have kid stuff, beach stuff, my stuff and this beach umbrella is hands free and easy. Thanks.” Barb, Ocean City

The Durable Large Beach Umbrella

When you buy a Beach Sail, you are buying the best of American quality and craftsmanship. All of our large beach umbrellas are Made in the USA from extra durable materials that are designed to withstand the outdoor elements. The Beach Sail is made from 100% nylon rip-stop fabric that is water resistant and extremely long lasting. Sewn and assembled in the USA, quality is built right into our beach umbrellas. Lightweight yet strong PVC poles, which are rust proof, are used for the two support poles on the Beach Sail. Your family deserves a beach umbrella that will last for many years of fun in the sun?

The Windproof Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella can be prone to blowing away with even a little wind. Unfortunately, many beach umbrellas just cannot handle the ocean breeze. If you have ever had your beach umbrella turn inside out or blow away, you know what I mean! But the Beach Sail is a different type of big beach umbrella. It is the most wind resistant beach umbrella you will ever buy. In fact, our extra large beach umbrella is tested to withstand winds of up to 17 mph. The secret is that the Beach Sail works with the wind, instead of struggling against it. The Beach Sail is held aloft by the ocean breeze, like it is really sailing. And if the breeze stops, it can also work wonderfully as a lean-to, providing shade when the sun is not directly overhead. Read real beach umbrellas reviews about Beach Sails:

“This is fun. I’m an old sailor and I’ve never seen anything like this on the beach before. I get to trim the sails again!” Charlie, Corpus Christi

The Most Unique Large Beach Umbrella

Our large beach umbrella is an innovative design that uses the natural elements which are found in abundance at every beach – the sand and the ocean breeze – to keep it aloft. Most large beach umbrellas rely on heavy wooden poles and metal frames to keep them open, making them heavy to carry and vulnerable to the wind. The Beach Sails unique design is such a cool new twist on the old beach umbrella that everyone at the beach will wonder where you found such a fun great beach umbrella. Tell them at You will love that it can give you as much comfortable shade as a beach tent or beach cabana without any of the hassle of setting up those cumbersome beach canopies. Even your teenagers will want to hang out under your cool new large beach umbrella!


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