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Best Beach Umbrella For Beach Lovers

The best beach umbrella is an essential part of any beach lover’s gear. Beach Sails are the NEW beach umbrella.

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Beach Sail

The right sun protection ensures that your fun day at the beach is cool and relaxing. You and your family will have a great home base on the sand to enjoy the shade of your Beach Sail, the best beach umbrella there is. Hang out with friends and family while your kids build sand castles, safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Beach Sails are a unique new twist on the standard beach umbrella, and they are much lighter and easier to use than a standard beach cabana or beach tent. Don’t just take our word for it, hear why customers say that Beach Sails are the best beach umbrellas:

“This is the best. I have kid stuff, beach stuff, my stuff and this beach umbrella is hands free and easy. Thanks.” Barb, Ocean City

Best Beach Umbrella For Families

What makes the Beach Sail the best beach umbrella for families? Let’s start with its size. Unlike a traditional beach umbrella, the Beach Sail provides up to a generous 64 square feet (102″ x 90″) of sun shade. That is plenty of room to comfortably fit at least a family of four – more if your kids are still little. You can even fit all of your best beach gear under the Beach Sail, so your cooler won’t be baking in the hot sun. After they spend time splashing in the ocean, your kids will love having a nice shady spot to eat a snack and relax for a while. You will love that your children’s delicate skin is being protected from sunburn and sun damage. We all know how hard it is to remember to reapply sunscreen as often as we should throughout the day, right? Even your teenagers will think the Beach Sail is the best beach umbrella, thanks to its cool floating design.

There are even more reasons why the best beach umbrellas for families are the Beach Sails. They are incredibly easy to set and up and take down, as you can see in this beach umbrella how to video. Kids love helping to scoop the sand to fill the sand bags, another reason this beach umbrella is so family friendly. The Beach Sail comes with an over-the-shoulder bag for hands-free carrying, which is a big help when you have to drag a cooler, beach toys, a tote bag, and all the rest of your gear down to the sand. At only 5 pounds, you’ll hardly even notice you have it. At Beach Sails, we truly wanted to make the best beach umbrella affordable for everyone, which is why we promise to keep our quality high and our prices low. We’re parents too, so we understand.

Best Beach Umbrella For Friends

The best beach umbrella for families is also the best beach umbrella for friends. You don’t need to have children to enjoy the innovative design, durable construction, and easy set up of the Beach Sail. It is also great for individuals, couples, and friends. One of the reasons why our customers think Beach Sails are the best beach umbrellas is because they are so easy to set up that one person can do it alone. Who wants to fight to assemble an old-fashioned beach cabana when you can be enjoying the ocean view from your beach chair in the cool shade of your Beach Sail in just a couple minutes after hitting the beach? So grab your dog, call your friends, and tell them to meet you at the beach!

Beast Beach Umbrella For Windy Beaches

Need the best beach umbrella for a windy beach? Then you will love this wind resistant beach umbrella! It was especially designed to be the best beach umbrella for wind. Never again will you have to chase down a beach umbrella that was blown away! No more struggling with beach umbrellas that were turned inside out. The reason Beach Sails are the best beach umbrellas for windy conditions is that they work with the wind instead of fighting against it. Once the PVC support posts are in place, and the sand bags are filled, it is the ocean breeze that keeps the Beach Sail aloft. The Beach Sail easily handles winds of up to 17 mph. And if the wind dies down, no problem. The Beach Sail works wonderfully as a lean-to style beach cabana.

Best Beach Umbrella For Rocky Beaches

It is so frustrating to go to the shore, only to discover you cannot anchor the umbrella securely in the rocky beach. If you buy the best beach umbrella, you will never have to worry about that problem again! Beach Sails include a sand anchor that screws into the beach and securely holds the umbrella pole. The sand anchor is lightweight, durable, and rust-proof, not to mention very easy to use. Just turn the cork screw shaped anchor into any rocky or hard packed sand beach, then insert the mast pole of your Beach Sail into the sand anchor and tighten the thumb screw. That’s it! By the way, the Beach Umbrella Anchor also comes in really handy as a place to hook a dog leash, kite string, or anything else you want to secure. At the end of the day, just slip the anchor into the carry bag of your beach umbrella, and you are ready to go.


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