Best Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella

Best Beach Umbrella For Wind

The best beach umbrella for wind is a must have for any beach lover. Many beach umbrellas are not made to withstand any wind at all, yet as we all know, most beaches are pretty breezy. In fact, the feeling of the ocean breeze blowing in your hair is one of the things that makes going to the beach so relaxing.

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Beach Sail

If you do not have a windproof beach umbrella, you are likely to end up spending as much time chasing your umbrella down the beach as you are sitting under it. How embarrassing it is to run after a beach umbrella bouncing down the shore! Instead of being that person, you can be the one kicking back under your Beach Sail wind resistant beach umbrella. Read the reviews, and you’ll discover that customers love our high wind beach umbrella. Try a beach umbrella that is windproof from, and discover for yourself why it is the best beach shade canopy for windy conditions.

“My beach is pretty windy here in MA. This beach umbrella works even in the strongest wind. All the other umbrellas have blown away or been put down, but mine is still sailing and giving shade.” Stan, Falmouth

Inversion-Proof Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella

A Beach Sail wind resistant beach umbrella will not turn inside out like ordinary beach umbrellas. Just like a regular umbrella, the average beach umbrella cannot withstand any amount of wind. Sometimes all it takes is a minor gust for the entire frame to invert and flip inside out. If you look for windproof beach umbrella reviews, you will notice that the typical beach canopy does not even say how much wind it can withstand. At Beach Sails, we are proud to make the best beach umbrella for wind. The Beach Sail beach umbrella was tested to withstand winds of 17 mph, so you’ll not have to worry about it being blown away or turned inside out by the ocean breeze. While others are struggling to fix their inverted sun canopies, you can relax under your Beach Sail, having fun with your family and friends.

“Thanks for the cool beach umbrella. Lots of fun and still works when windy.” Josh, Portland

Wind Proof Beach Umbrella Is Safer

As the best beach umbrella for wind, the Beach Sail is safer than many other beach umbrella models. Our Beach Sail is made from heavy duty rip-stop nylon and lightweight but strong PVC support posts. Because Beach Sail works in harmony with nature, it is not prone to the accidents that can be caused by flimsy umbrellas on a gusty day. It might seem funny to see a beach umbrella uprooted by the wind rolling down the beach, until you stop and think about what that umbrella might hit. Beach-goers have actually been injured by umbrellas that have blown away. In fact, a visitor to an East Coast beach was stabbed in the leg by the post of her beach umbrella that had been ripped from the sand by a gust of wind! Many others have reported that the post of their beach umbrella broke off just above the sand or bent in half just from a regular ocean breeze. The windproof beach umbrella reviews are clear: the Beach Sail is the best beach umbrella for wind.

How the Best Beach Umbrella For Wind Works

The reason that our Beach Sails are the ideal high wind beach umbrella is because of their innovative design. Our wind resistant beach umbrella uses a completely unique system to stay aloft. Simply insert the support post mast into the sand, slide the cross bar into the front of the nylon sail, and fill the sand bags with sand. The ocean breeze will lift the sail and keep it gently floating above you, while you enjoy the generous 64 square feet (102″ x 90″) of shade. Setting up the beach umbrella  is so easy that it can be done in a couple minutes. And it is so fun that your children will even want to help! Watch this video to see Beach Sails “sailing” on the beach. Everyone will want to know where you got your unique beach umbrella when they see it floating in the air on even the windiest day. You will love knowing that you have the best beach umbrella for wind on the entire beach.

“This is fun. I’m an old sailor and I’ve never seen anything like this on the beach before. I get to trim the sails again!” Charlie, Corpus Christi

The Best Beach Umbrella For Wind Provides the Best Shade

The best beach umbrella for wind also provides the best shade. And that is important, since the whole reason to bring a beach umbrella to the shore is to protect you and your family from the sun’s damaging rays. The Beach Sail is the best portable beach umbrella for individuals, families, and friends. Our wind resistant beach umbrella is large enough to create a cool shady oasis for four people with all of their beach gear. Yet the Beach Sail weighs only 5 pounds and comes in an ultra-convenient hands-free carrying bag to make it easy to bring along for every trip to the shore. Whether you are going on a week long vacation or just spending the afternoon at the ocean, bring along your Beach Sail. You’ll quickly see why the beach umbrella reviews say that the Beach Sail is the perfect beach umbrella.

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