Beach Umbrella Reviews

Beach Umbrella Reviews: Why Read Them?

Beach umbrella reviews can be an excellent way of discovering what other people just like you think of the beach umbrella you are considering.

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Customer reviews are helpful because they are written by folks who have already used the beach umbrellas, meaning they will give you information about how well they perform in real life. How many times have you seen a great looking product online, and then scrolled down to find terrible reviews of it? By taking the time to look over beach umbrellas reviews before you buy, you can be sure that your new sun protection will work as well as you expect once you get it home. Beach umbrella sale reviews can save you time, money, and hassle – and who doesn’t want that? We are proud to say that customers love their Beach Sails beach umbrellas, and it shows in their customer reviews:

“How great is this! I’m the only one on the beach that has one and everyone wants it.” Carey, Jacksonville

Beach Umbrella Reviews: Is It Easy To Use?

There are some key things to look for in beach umbrella reviews. First of all, is the beach umbrella easy to set up? The Beach Sail is a snap to set up – just watch this beach umbrella how to video to see how you can be relaxing in your beach chair under your Beach Sail in just a couple minutes after arriving at the ocean. Not only is the Beach Sail easy to set up, it is also fun! After you secure the two support posts, your kids will love scooping the sand to fill the sand bags. There are not too many beach umbrellas that can say they are fun for the whole family to set up! The beach umbrella reviews should also let you know if the beach shade canopy is simple to take down at the end of the day. After all, when you are tired and ready to head to dinner after a long day at the shore, who wants to struggle to disassemble a complicated umbrella? The Beach Sail is just as easy to take down as it is to set up, and it all slips neatly into an over-the-shoulder bag for hands-free carrying. It couldn’t be simpler.

Beach Umbrella Reviews: Is It Durable?

Good reviews can help you discover how durable an umbrella is. Some beach canopies are made with flimsy support posts that can dent, rust, or even break. Others may be made with cheap fabric that cannot hold up to the elements. Most beach umbrellas are prone to blowing away in the wind or turning inside out. But not the Beach Sail! We believe that Beach Sails are the best beach umbrellas for sale because quality is built into every one of them. The Beach Sail is made from high quality durable rip stop nylon and rust-proof PVC posts that are lightweight yet very strong. Best of all, Beach Sails beach umbrellas are specially designed to work with the wind, instead of fighting against it. The unique design uses the ocean breeze to keep the canopy of the Beach Sail aloft, and it has been tested to withstand winds of up to 17 mph. Check out real beach umbrella reviews about how strong the Beach Sail is:

“My beach is pretty windy here in the NE. This beach umbrella works even in the strongest wind. All the other umbrellas have blown away or been put down, but mine is still sailing and giving shade.” Stan, Falmouth

Beach Umbrella Reviews: Is It Fun?

Why do we take our beach umbrella and beach gear to the shore? To have fun! Gather up your friends and family, pack a picnic, bring the dog, and relax and play by the ocean – that’s what this is all about. Wouldn’t it be great if the sun shade for beach time was fun too? The beach umbrella reviews about the Beach Sail agree: it is definitely fun to use. The unique design of the Beach Sail works in harmony with nature to float above you in the breeze. It is relaxing, original, and fun to set up. When you read beach umbrellas reviews of Beach Sails, you will find that they are more than just the best beach shade, they are fun for the whole family.

“The beach sail adds a whole new twist to going to the beach. It’s like a new fun toy to play with and it gives great shade too. My husband loves it!” Susan, Jupiter Beach

Beach Umbrella Reviews: Is It A Good Value?

This large beach umbrella is a fantastic value. With an impressive 64 square feet (102″ x 90″) of sun shade, the Beach Sail is large enough to comfortably provide sun protection for a family of four, plus all of their beach gear. We designed it to be a family-friendly price, without ever sacrificing on quality. Each Beach Sail is proudly Made in the USA, and backed by a worry-free one year warranty. Special offers like free shipping and no sales tax outside of Florida make the Beach Sail an even sweeter deal. Customer reviews of Beach Sails show that folks are so happy with our beach umbrellas they would recommend them to others:

“People ask me where can they get one. I like telling them, it makes me feel special. Thank you.” Celia, Long Beach

Beach Umbrella Reviews: Is It Made By A Good Company?

Beach umbrella reviews can also help you find out if you are working with a good company. At Beach Sales, they have earned, over the past 15 years, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for receiving zero complaints. Everyone deserves great customer service, and at Beach Sails, every customer is special. Beach Sails beach umbrellas were designed as a labor love by Jupiter, Florida residents Rick and Kristy Kreiger. They love spending time at the ocean with family and friends, but were frustrated by their search for a portable beach umbrella that met their needs. Finally, the Kreiger’s decided to design the best portable beach umbrella themselves, and the Beach Sail was born! Rick and Kristy were so happy with their unique and fun beach shade that they wanted to share it with beach lovers everywhere, and they began selling the Made in the USA Beach Sail nationwide. So when you are ready to buy a beach umbrella, read all the beach umbrella reviews, and customer reviews – they all agree, Beach Sails are the best.


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