Cool Beach Gear – Beach Stuff – Beach Supplies

Here’s a list of the beach gear, beach stuff and beach supplies:

Beach Sail umbrella for shade
Light weight beach chair
Cooler with your favorite beverage
Snack so you can stay all day
Great book
Beach towel for total physical and mental inertia (also known as a nap!)
Finally, text everyone and tell them you’re out of touch. Then turn off the phone, thereby eliminating all problems of guilt!
Breathe deeply…let the inertia begin!

Beach Umbrella by

Beach Sail

“Total physical and mental inertia are highly agreeable, much more so than we allow ourselves to imagine. A beach not only permits such inertia but enforces it, thus neatly eliminating all problems of guilt. It is now the only place in our overly active world that does.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

In an effort to get to the point of “total physical and mental inertia” you may need all types of beach supplies, beach gear and general beach stuff but the one item which is a beach essential is a beach umbrella or better yet the Beach Sail.

A little planning keeps you comfortable, stress free and relaxed on the beach. Ensure that you pack the needed beach accessories such as sun block, something for shade, to sit, to drink, and to watch the people. Some people like to bring something to read or to eat. Some like to bring beach stuff like surf boards, skim boards, floats, snorkel and mask. Some have kids and then there is another list for those kind of beach supplies, depending upon their age. Once there you can spread out your beach stuff, settle in and enjoy the scenery and ocean views.

We believe the most essential piece of beach gear is the beach umbrella and there is none better than the Beach Sail to provide shade and fun. The Beach Sail adds to the relaxing feeling of being on the beach because it uses nature (air and sand) to provide your shade. The Beach Sail is light weight, easy to carry, quick to set up and adds a unique fun twist to the normal beach experience. The Beach Sail is unique and people will ask you how they can get one, tell them at It is different, in its simple design, it uses the ocean breeze and the beach sand which both always available.

A Beach Sail is the only beach umbrella designed to be both easy to carry and quick to set up. The Beach Sail provides plenty of room and lots of shade for protection from the sun.  Depending upon the sun position overhead the Beach Sail provides up to 64 square feet (102″ x 90″) of shade.

The Beach Sail is one of the beach accessories for couples who just want to sit quietly with a book and ease into their own level of inertia. Quick to set up, the Beach Sail is the one piece of beach gear that gives you more time doing what you came to the beach to do; relax and enjoy! No more sorting through all your beach gear, beach supplies and beach stuff to find all the missing parts to a tent or canopy.

The Beach Sail is great for families with all sized kids. The kids love being involved with the set up of their Beach Sail because the first thing they get to do is dig in the sand! Your kids will love it. No more fussing at kids to stay out of the way while you set up a tent or canopy. Now they are involved and doing what they love to do at the beach, digging in the sand! It’s great fun for the whole family.

To find beach umbrellas for sale go to Be sure you buy your Beach Sail now so it will be in the car when you are ready for your next trip to the beach. The key to having all of the beach gear and beach stuff you need, when you need it, is to make a list. Get all of your beach accessories together so you do not leave anything behind.


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