Beach Canopy: Best Beach Shade for Sun

The Best Beach Canopy Means A Great Day At the Beach

The best beach canopy to provide cool beach shade can make the difference between a long, relaxed day at the beach or a hot, sweaty one with the whole family sunburned by the end of the day.

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Beach Sail

These days, everyone knows how important it is to have a sun shade for beach activities to protect from the sun’s damaging rays. The kids can dig in the sand to their heart’s content under the family beach shade canopy. The adults can relax on their beach chairs enjoying a cool beverage and a magazine, or just peacefully enjoying the scenery. Tired babies can take a nap in the shade, with the beach sun shelter protecting their delicate skin. A great day at the beach all comes down to having the best beach shade, which is exactly what you get when you have a Beach Sail portable beach umbrella.

Protect Your Family with A Beach Canopy

When I was growing up, nobody thought about the importance of beach shade to protect from sunburn and UV damage caused by the sun’s harsh rays. We all just thought that if you had fair skin, it was normal to look like a lobster after a long day at the ocean or the lake. As they say, when you know better, you do better. Today, folks take much better care of themselves and their children when they head to the beach. Sunscreen is a start, but it does not compare to the protection provided by a large beach canopy. One of the terrific things about the Beach Sail is that it offers a generous 64 square feet of shade (102″ x 90″), which is enough for at least 4 people with all of their best beach gear. The Beach Sail is such a fun and unique beach sun shelter that even your teenagers will be happy to hang out under it. Which is important, because after all, to take advantage of the best beach shade, you have to use it. So take your family to the beach as often as you want this summer; when you bring your Beach Sail you will be confident knowing that their skin is being protected by the best beach shade canopy.

The Beach Sail Is The Most Fun Beach Canopy

Buying a beach canopy is only the beginning. For it to do you any good, you have to be motivated to use it. How many of us have been frustrated by beach cabanas that were too cumbersome to take for a quick trip to the beach or beach umbrellas that blew away with the first gust of wind from the ocean? One reason that customers say the Beach Sail is the best sun shade for beach trips is that it is so fun and simple to use:

“The beach sail adds a whole new twist to going to the beach. It’s like a new fun toy to play with and it gives great shade too. My husband loves it!” Susan, Jupiter Beach

Beach Canopy Beach Shade

Your family will think the Beach Sail is fun too. In fact, this is one beach canopy that your children will actually enjoy helping to set up. And it is so easy to do that they really can! Watch this video to see the ingenious Beach Sails in action. In a matter of moments after you find your spot on the beach, you will be relaxing under the cool shade of your Beach Sail extra large beach umbrella. Don’t you wish everything in life could be that easy and fun?

The Most Unique Beach Canopy Design

Beach canopy designs are not all the same. The Beach Sail has a unique patent pending design that makes it the most original beach shade canopy on the market today. This is the best beach umbrella for wind resistance.  The Beach Sail is completely different than other beach canopies that you have seen before. It takes advantage of the natural elements that every beach has in abundance to anchor the Beach Sail and keep it aloft: sand and ocean breeze. The design of the Beach Sail is very clever: it consists of a central vertical mast pole, a horizontal pole across the front of the sail, and two sand bags attached to the durable rip stop nylon sail. To set up the beach sun shelter, first remove the loose dry sand until you reach the cool damp sand, screw in the sand anchor and insert the vertical mast pole into the sand anchor, and cover the hole. Then insert the horizontal post into the front sleeve of the sail and secure the Velcro flap. Attach the second half of the vertical mast into the horizontal cross post, and then secure it to the section of mast which is already in the ground. Then, all that remains is to fill the two sand bags with sand, and watch the sail float in the breeze. It is really cool! See for yourself just how easy it is to set up the best beach shade on the market. By the way, notice how short the video clip is, in just a couple of minutes the Beach Sail beach umbrella is ready to use!

The Most Convenient Beach Canopy

Because the Beach Sail beach canopy uses nature to anchor it and keep it aloft, it does not need the heavy framework that the typical beach shade canopy requires. All it needs is the lightweight PVC support posts and the light yet durable rip stop nylon sail. Everything comes in a convenient over-the-shoulder bag for hands-free carrying. You will find that bag to be a lifesaver when you have a cooler, a beach bag, sand toys, and the rest of your beach gear to carry from the car. Best of all, the Beach Sail weighs only 5 pounds. No wonder it is called the best beach shade by those who have tried it out.


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