About Us

We spend a lot of time on the beach enjoying the earth’s wonders of sand, ocean and wildlife. Everyday is different because it is always changing.

Fair skinned people are always in need sun protection. We have tried them all from small to large beach umbrellas, tents, cabanas, and canopies. They never provide enough sun protection or they cannot endure the ocean breezes or they are just too clunky, heavy and cumbersome to be lugging to the beach, especially if you only have an hour available.

Beach Gear at BeachSails.com

Beach Gear at BeachSails.com

A Beach Sail is the answer (Patent Pending). This beach umbrella has the most simplistic design, yet provides the best and easiest sun protection. Simple, best and easiest is something we can always enjoy.

Colors available are Marina Blue as shown.

The Beach Sail is something we enjoy plus something we can offer to other ocean lovers. We registered a patent application for the idea, enhanced it with quality materials and have made it available for everyone.  Like anything good, I’ve already seen knock offs on the idea but they are smaller, made with bed sheets and pillow cases from China, poles from Home Depot, they don’t include a sand anchor or sand scoop, and they don’t compare in American made quality or provide as much shade.  We believe the Beach Sail is the best, plus it’s made in America.  Click here to see a comparison with other sail type beach umbrellas.

We enjoy the beach knowing we have the best sun protection plus it’s available for others to enjoy too.

We encourage you to try a Beach Sail yourself. You will find it to be the most fun piece of beach gear that you ever brought to the beach. It’s unique and people will ask you where you got it, please tell them BeachSails.com.  Let us know how you like it and which beach you enjoy the most, and send us pictures so we can put them on our website for others to see. We love our local beach in Jupiter Florida and we have enjoyed it for more than 20 years.

Happy Beach Sailing!

Rick and Kristy Kreiger
Founders of the Beach Sail
Healthy Lifestyles, Inc.

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