2016 Best Sunscreen Protection

SPF 50+ UV ProtectionI’m dealing with skin problems from sun exposure that I had as a kid (no sunscreen back in the day) and still getting. Here is good recent knowledge that you can take advantage of regarding sunscreen (750 products tested) and ingredients to avoid for yourself, your kids and pregnant moms (absorbs through the skin and into the blood). Great info is on their website here. Search for what you currently use to see if it is good or bad.

The sunscreens that are in our house turned out to have the hormone disrupter ingredient (Kristy immediately threw that out) or were sprays which they do not recommend. And none rated higher than a 5 on a scale to 10 as best. The research above shows many brands are popular but terrible. Some brands have both good products and bad. My best success lately is wearing clothing with SPF prevention, such as from Coolibar.

I think the next sunscreen I’ll try is from Thinksport which is one of the #1 rated best selections.  It’s available on Amazon.

I think I’ll go to my office on the beach with my Beach Sail and contemplate this, which means nap time.