Beach Sails are the NEW Beach Umbrella


Compared to other "Sail Type" or "Regular" beach umbrellas the Beach Sail is better because it is wind resistant, provides more shade (64 square feet), includes a sand anchor for the pole and sand shovel for the bags, higher SPF 50 protection, 11 month longer warranty, light weight, easy to carry/set-up and is made in America.

Colors available are Marina Blue as shown.


The Beach Sail is a new, unique and fun Beach Umbrella which people are enjoying. They're called "Beach Sails" (Patent Pending). We are very proud to say that these beach umbrellas are sewn and assembled in America, even the white PVC poles are made in the USA. Long lasting American quality is built in to these beach umbrellas.

Includes fabric with SPF 50 UV protection to help prevent sunburn and skin damage.

Whether you live life near and frequent the ocean or get a once a year vacation this beach umbrella will make the most of your beach time. These umbrellas are designed to provide fun at the beach and provide protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. We’ve grown up on blue water and we always craved a cool, shady spot in the sand.

We’ve seen and used every kind of beach umbrella, tent and cabana on the market but we have never been quite satisfied. Typically the beach umbrellas blew over in the wind and offered minimal shade. The beach tents were heavy to carry and exhausting to set up and the beach cabanas blocked out too much of the view.

The Beach Sail is the answer for great sun protection, it’s easy to carry and set up, will not blow over (tested in 17+ mph winds) and offers the best view at any beach in the world. It is the best beach umbrella for wind. With a quick set up you will be sitting in your beach chair with your toes in the sand and the sea breezes blowing through your hair.

The Beach Sails are available in an ocean blue color. This beach umbrella provides up to 64 square feet of shade (102" x 90"), plenty for everyone, even more when the sun is at your back. Only durable, outdoor, water resistant Nylon Rip Stop fabric is used, the same as used in high quality camping gear. The Beach Sail is lightweight at only 5 pounds and comes stored in an over the shoulder bag so your hands are free to carry the rest of your beach gear. The Beach Sail comes with a 1 year warranty, FREE UPS Ground shipping (when you share on Facebook, or Google +, or Tweet it, or PIN it) and NO sales tax (tax only on deliveries into Florida).

The beach umbrella set up is quick, easy and fun! Kids love the Beach Sail since digging in the sand is the first requirement. Remove 2” to 3” of the dry loose top sand, insert the sand anchor, attach it to the cross bar, add sand to the sand bags, point into the wind, then sit back and enjoy!

If you are looking for a beach umbrella, beach tent or beach cabana, get a Beach Sail today and have fun in the shade!

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What customers are saying…

“The beach umbrella adds a whole new twist to going to the beach. It’s like a new fun toy to play with and it gives great shade too. My husband loves it!”
Susan, Jupiter Beach

“People ask me where can they get one. I like telling them, it makes me feel special. Thank you.”
Celia, Long Beach

“This is the best. I have kid stuff, beach stuff, my stuff and this beach umbrella is hands free and easy. Thanks.”
Barb, Ocean City

“How great is this! I’m the only one on the beach that has one and everyone wants it.”
Carey, Jacksonville

“Too cool!”
Alex, Destin

“This is fun. I’m an old sailor and I’ve never seen anything like this beach umbrella before. I get to trim the sails again!”
Patrick, Corpus Christi

“My beach is pretty windy. This beach umbrella works even in the strongest wind. All the other umbrellas have blown away or been put down, but mine is still sailing and giving shade.”
Stan, Falmouth

Get your Beach Sail today, the new beach umbrella!

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